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The Wuhan Outbreak: An Explanation

The Micro beings that cause Havoc The Wuhan Outbreak Let's talk about the living things we cannot see but can bring a turmoil in our lives. Yes, I am talking about microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and parasites. The current situation in the world is a little scary because of the new coronavirus outbreak. This virus … Continue reading The Wuhan Outbreak: An Explanation

Malignant Melanoma – A Review

This is a scientific article that I had written for one of my reports in my undergraduate years. I thought of sharing it here for the people with a scientific and medical background. INTRODUCTION  A tumor is an abnormal proliferation of any cells in any part of the body. It can be benign or malignant … Continue reading Malignant Melanoma – A Review

Role of Oxidative Stress in Parkinson’s Disease

Introduction Our body requires ATP, which is generated by reducing O2 to H2O through oxidative phosphorylation(OxPhos) in mitochondria (Jarmuszkiewicz, et al., 2015). During this process, a group of reactive metabolites including free radicals(FR)(e.g. O2●-, OH●) and non-radicals(e.g. H2O2) are generated. They are grouped as reactive oxygen species(ROS) (Rao, et al., 2011). FR are groups of atoms orbited … Continue reading Role of Oxidative Stress in Parkinson’s Disease

Use of Microbes in Cancer Treatment

Immune system can recognize and eliminate abnormal cells including tumour cells through a property called Immunosurveillance. This property is often suppressed by tumour cells to enhance their survival rate. Considering this property and adverse side effects of current anticancer therapies, scientists came up with a novel treatment called immunotherapy.  Since only few immunotherapies have been … Continue reading Use of Microbes in Cancer Treatment